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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How is my car valuation calculated?

A. We have access to the most up to date prices that cars are currently achieving, plus our car buying team have many years’ experience buying and selling cars. You can be sure of an honest and accurate valuation. All the information you provide is taken into account and cars are individually priced based on this.

If you feel your car has extras that will increase the value of your car and you have not been able to submit these online, please email alex or phone our team at 01614777056.

Q. Why is my value subject to inspection?

A. We need to check that the online description of your car matches the actual condition of the car. The condition and exact specification needs to be confirmed by one of our car buying team before the handover can take place, we might find that your car is worth more than we’ve offered you, or we might find it is worth less, so please take time to accurately describe your car.

Q. Why do you need my email address and phone number?

A. We require your email and phone number so that we can contact you as soon as we have a valuation for your car.

Q. My car has a private registration, will you buy it?

A. Yes

Q. My car is an insurance write-off, will you buy it?

A. Yes, use our online car valuation form to get a value for your car in the normal way, making sure you email alex afterwards stating that the car is an insurance write-off.

Q. Where do I drop my car off?

A. At our Dace Car Supermarket based at Reddish, Stockport SK5 7BS.

Q. Will you collect my car?

A. This can be arranged, please call 01614777056 with your requirements.

Q. What do I do with my road tax?

A. This has all been computerised now by the government. When the car transfers ownership you will receive a refund equal to the road tax that has not been used.

Q. What do I need to bring with me?

A. Proof of Identity – Two forms of identification (driving licence, passport, utility bill). If you are not the owner of the vehicle, we require a letter of authorisation to sell from the owner. Vehicle Documents – Any service history you have / Any MOT Certificates you have / The V5 (Logbook) The spare key (if there is one)

Q. How will I be paid?

A. We will pay you by BACS bank transfer.

Q. How long will payment take?

A. The BACS transfer system normally takes a maximum of 4 working days to reach your account. If you need the money sooner, we can transfer the funds within 1 working day for a small charge.

Q. Can I be paid in cash?

A. No, due to money laundering regulations we cannot pay cash.

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Dace Motor Group
Dace Motor Group

Dace Motor Company has been established for over twenty years. We are currently selling around 500 cars per month. We have a great idea of what people are looking for from a car dealer.

We have a fantastic reputation selling cars in the Northwest and in particular the Stockport and Manchester areas. For over 20 years we have been supplying used vehicles to our customers and our reputation backed up by Judge Service reviews lets you be confident that you are dealing with a company you can trust.