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Convert your car to Cash in Stockport & Manchester

Like and their website is a North West based company that helps its customers convert their car to cash. For whatever reason you want to convert your car to cash:

• Planning on buying a new car
• Moving abroad
• Too many cars in the family
• Health reasons
Here at Sell your car to Dace, like all the “we buy any car” style websites we can help you.

How does Dace help

We have a fantastic reputation selling cars in the Northwest and in particular the Stockport and Manchester areas. For over 20 years we have been supplying used vehicles to our customers and our reputation backed up by Judge Service reviews lets you be confident that you are dealing with a company you can trust.

We need lots of second hand cars for our business. We are not like who are owned by a auctions based organisation who are looking to sell on the vehicles they buy to car dealers. We are different we want your car because then we do not have to buy it from the auction companies. That is a potential saving of hundreds of pounds for us.

The Price is right for YOU!

For you because we are different than the websites where they need to buy your car for as little as possible we provide you with the best price. As long as your car is as described we can pay more because you have saved us the price of shipping the car to our Dace Car Supermarket and the costs involved buying your car from an auction house. You help us so we can help you a great price is your reward for selling your car 2 Dace and not choosing one of the webuyanycar style businesses.

Worried you might be missing out?

We understand the problem here are these big fancy companies with their very slick advertising campaigns and happy smiley faces that will buy your car. It is a fantastic image but that is all it is we at Dace do not spend millions of pounds on looking slick. We spend our money on getting the best deal for you because you are helping our business;

• We buy the car from you at a great price
• We recycle your car through our car preparation centre • Once the vehicle passes our 200 point check list we will transfer the car to Dace Car Supermarket for re-sale
• We sell your vehicle with a 3 month warranty to its next owner
• Any problems our customers can come back to us and we will sort them

The whole process works out for everyone, and our planet. By not being the same as most of the we buy any car organisations we add value to the process rather than adding costs and we can pay the best prices to people selling us their car.
Contact us and let us make sure you get the proper value for your car. Sell your car’s 2 Dace because we care.
We buy any cars for cash in Stockport & Manchester
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